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SeatGuru by TripAdvisor

Have you ever boarded an airplane, made your way to you seat and settled in, only to find you have chosen the only row on the plane that doesn’t tilt back? After you download SeatGuru from the App Store, those days will be over. The idea is to do your research upfront and get to know the aircraft you will be flying on before you buy you tickets and choose a seat. Using SeatGuru you can choose the best possible seat to make your trip as comfortable as possible. Your days of selecting the worst seat on the plane are over!

  • red_01.jpg Search for SeatGuru by TripAdvisor, an iPhone app, in the App Store. Tap Free and then tap Install to download it. Open it by tapping its icon on your home screen. Tap on the Maybe Later link if you see no need to connect using Facebook; otherwise, tap Connect using Facebook for SeatGuru to log you in using your Facebook account and enable you to directly post photos and reviews to your Facebook page.

  • red_02.jpg Tap the Seat Map Advice option.

  • red_03.jpg If you know your flight number or airline, plug those in to find the type of aircraft you will be flying aboard.
  • red_04.jpg If you are unaware of the flight number, you can tap the route or airline and search for the flight you are choosing.
  • red_05.jpg After your flight info is entered, tap Find aircraft and an illustration of your plane’s seat map opens.

  • red_06.jpg This illustration indicates the great seats (green), lousy seats (red), seats with some drawbacks (yellow) and standard seats (white) available on your flight.

  • red_07.jpg Tap a specific seat number to see a description of the pros and cons of that seat.
  • red_08.jpg In this example, tap seat 26B and the characteristics of this seat are shown. This is great information particularly if you plan a long flight where comfort might be a priority.

  • red_09.jpg The seat map key offers other types of information on seating that can be found using SeatGuru.

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