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Finding Your Way Using the iPad Maps App

The Maps app comes installed as part of the iOS operating system for your iPad (similar to Email and other built-in apps). There are many uses for this app, but it is particularly helpful when you travel. You can find your present location, get directions, check traffic, view the map from a satellite perspective, and search the area for various services, such as coffee shops, restaurants, gas stations, and more.

  • red_01.jpg Tap the Maps icon on your iPad.

  • red_02.jpg Tap the arrow at the bottom left of the page to see your present location.

  • red_03.jpg Your location is indicated by a blue dot on the map.

  • red_04.jpg To find directions, tap Directions in the upper-left corner.
  • red_05.jpg If you allow Maps access to your location, Current Location is filled in the Start Field for you. If your current location is not your starting location for the directions you need, type in the address you are traveling from in the Start field. Type the address of your destination in the End field. In this example, the directions are for traveling from the current location to Saratoga Springs, NY. Maps fills in possibilities as you type. I tapped Saratoga Springs as my destination.
  • red_06.jpg Maps gives you the option to choose directions for car, walking, or bus.

  • red_07.jpg This example chooses to get the best route by car. After you determine how you want to travel and where you are going, and have plugged that information into the start/end boxes, the Maps app automatically shows your potential routes.
  • red_08.jpg Tap the Start button and Maps starts step-by-step directions. Tap End to stop the turn-by-turn directions.

  • red_09.jpg Tap the List icon at the bottom center to get a summary of your directions.

  • red_10.jpg Tap the i at the bottom right to Drop a Pin (which marks a new location point for you), Print Map, Report a Problem, or Show Traffic.

If you have a cellular-enabled iPad, it can also give you turn-by-turn directions. If you travel to an area that you are unfamiliar with, the iPad provides you the perfect way to familiarize yourself with the area from your hotel or apartment.

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