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IT Efforts

How does the IT profession measure up against professional standards like that? Have we entered into a similar relationship of trust with employers, customers and society at large? It would seem that we have a long way to go—and we know it. How many times have you come across messages like the following, posted Oct. 6 on a certification Web site?

I have to admit, DOS/Windows stuff is my weak point (I have minimal real-world experience with DOS) but I'll give it a shot. Here are my answers that I think I got wrong....

After a push back from the chat partner, a later mail by the same person reads:

Okay, after I took my face and humble pie of the floor, can you at least tell me which ones that I got wrong—pleeeeeease?

Numerous messages like this can be found today posted all over the Web. There are still a great number of "professionals" who are openly sharing test questions and answers. The Internet is replete with sites and chat rooms encouraging people who have recently taken a certification test to "brain dump" any of the information they can remember about the test. All of this is done under the false guise of "helping out." This practice begs the question, "Who is helped?" Certainly not the individuals who have already passed the test, because the reputation of their own certification credential is being diminished. Certainly not the person who is trying to pass an exam that has ever-dwindling significance and certainly not the testing company whose intellectual property is being stolen.

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