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Creating a New Simple Volume

To create a new volume, follow these steps:

  1. Click Start, Programs, Administrative Tools, Computer Management. The console opens.

  2. Expand the Storage tree, and double-click Disk Management.

  3. On the disk where you want to create a new volume, right-click the disk (not one of the volumes), and choose New Volume. This action launches the Create New Volume Wizard.

  4. The wizard's opening screen gives you a brief introduction. Click Next.

  5. The Select Volume Type screen appears. Click the Simple Volume radio button, and click Next.

  6. The Select Disks screen appears. In this window, you select the dynamic disk you want to create volumes on and the size of the volume, as shown in Figure 5. Make your selections, and click Next.

  7. Figure 5 Select Disks.

  8. The Assign Drive Letter or Path window appears. In this window, you can assign a drive letter or drive path, if desired. Make your selection, and click Next.

  9. The Format Volume window appears. In this window, you can choose to either format the volume or not. If you choose to format the volume, you can choose the file system, allocation unit size, and volume label. After making your choices, click Next.

  10. The wizard completes with a summary of the choices you make. Click the Finish button to create the volume. The new volume appears in the Disk Management window.

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