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Creating Mirrored Volumes

A mirrored volume, formally called a mirror set, requires two physical disks, and creates a complete copy of one disk onto the other disk by using the Windows 2000 fault-tolerance driver, FTDISK.SYS. Each time changes take place on disk, the mirror is updated so there is always exact data redundancy. A mirror set is an effective solution, but it reduces disk space by fifty percent because you have to have a separate disk reserved for the mirror. If the primary disk fails, the system switches to the mirror disk so that operations can continue. To create mirrored volume, follow these steps:

  1. In Disk Management, right-click an area of unformatted free space.

  2. Click Create Volume.

  3. The Create Volume Wizard appears.

  4. Click Next.

  5. The Volume Types window appears.

  6. Click Mirrored Volume.

  7. The wizard will ask you to select another volume on another disk of equal size on another physical disk. You will also be asked to format the volume and assign a drive letter. Once the wizard finishes, you are presented with a summary.

  8. Click Finish to create the mirrored volume.

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