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VCP-Cloud Official Cert Guide: Allocating and Managing vCloud Resources

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To help you prepare for the VCP5-Cloud Exam, this chapter covers not only how to configure new enduser resource allocation models, but also their proper usage. It explores the relationship between allocation models and vCenter Server configuration changes.
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This chapter covers the following subjects:

  • What Is a vCloud Resource?—This section explains vCloud resources, what they are, and how to define them in vCloud Director.
  • Create and Administer Provider vDCs—This section explains Provider vDCs, their creation, and their administration.
  • Create and Administer Organization vDCs—This section covers the creation of organization vDCs and their administration.
  • Catalog Management—In this section, you learn about catalog management, including the population of the vApp Templates and media items.

This chapter covers a portion of the VCP5-Cloud Exam Objective 13.1, VCP5-Cloud Exam Objective 13.2, VCP5-Cloud Exam Objective 14.1, VCP5-Cloud Exam 14.2, VCP-IaaS Exam Objective 6.1, VCP-IaaS Exam Objective 6.2, VCP-IaaS Exam Objective 7.1 and VCP-IaaS Exam Title Objective 7.2.

Good news, with the introduction of vCloud Director you now have the ability to control the exact amount of resources your end users can consume, while still allowing for multitenancy. This new capability to manage the allocation and consumption of user resources will enable you to accurately assign and monitor resources in the cloud. However, this ability does not come without a price, and the management overhead introduced by vCloud Director must be accounted for. In this chapter, we cover not only how to configure and use these new allocation models, but also their proper usage. Finally, we explore the relationship between allocation models and vCenter Server configuration changes.

“Do I Know This Already?” Quiz

The “Do I Know This Already?” quiz enables you to assess whether you should read this entire chapter or simply jump to the “Exam Preparation Tasks” section for review. If you are in doubt, read the entire chapter. Table 8-1 outlines the major headings in this chapter and the corresponding “Do I Know This Already?” quiz questions. You can find the answers in Appendix A, “Answers to the ‘Do I Know This Already?’ Quizzes and Review Questions.”

Table 8-1 “Do I Know This Already?” Foundation Topics Section-to-Question Mapping

Foundations Topics Section

Questions Covered in This Section

What Is a vCloud Resource?


Create and Administer Provider vDCs


Create and Administer Organization vDCs

3, 4, 6, 7

Catalog Management

5, 8

  1. It is possible for more than one resource pool or cluster to be used by a single provider vDC.

    1. True
    2. False
  2. When adding storage to vCloud Director, datastores are directly added to the provider vDC.

    1. True
    2. False
  3. Where is the limit on CPU resources placed in an Allocation Pool organization vDC?

    1. On individual virtual machines
    2. On the provider vDC
    3. On the organization vDC
    4. On the vCenter Server Cluster
  4. When defining a Pay-as-You-Go organization vDC, which three options are defined? (Choose three.)

    1. CPU limit per virtual machine
    2. Memory limit per virtual machine
    3. vCPU count per virtual machine
    4. Maximum number of virtual machines that can be deployed
    5. Maximum RAM allocated to the organization vDC
  5. When sharing an item from the catalog, which items are allowed to be shared?

    1. ISO images
    2. vApp templates
    3. Floppy images
    4. vApps
  6. A reservation organization vDC allows for the configuration of which two options? (Choose two.)

    1. CPU limit
    2. Memory per VM limit
    3. CPU reservation
    4. Memory limit
  7. How many organizations can share an organization vDC?

    1. 1
    2. 2
    3. 3
    4. Unlimited
  8. vCloud Director shares a published catalog to how many organizations?

    1. 0
    2. 1
    3. User definable
    4. All organizations
  9. vCloud Director provisions resources from which hypervisor?

    1. VMware vSphere
    2. Microsoft Windows Hyper-V
    3. Citrix XEN Server
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