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Navigating the Web

The file manager operates not just on local files. It is also a generic World Wide Web browser. To go to a Web page, click a URL item or enter the URL for the page in the location bar of the file manager.

To navigate, use the same techniques as you do with a normal Web browser. Click links and use the Forward and Back buttons in the button bar. Reload a page using the Reload button. Access the history list from the Go menu.

To go to a bookmarked site, click the item in the Bookmarks menu. To add the current page to the bookmarks, select Bookmarks, Add Bookmark. If you have submenus in your bookmark list, you can select Add Bookmark for the menu on which you want the site to be placed.

You can edit bookmarks by selecting Bookmarks, Edit Bookmarks. This will open another Konqueror window viewing your bookmark directory. By dragging links here or using the local menu's Create New dialog box, you can create new bookmarks. By creating directories here, you can categorize your bookmarks into whatever classifications you would like.

To save a link in a Web page on the desktop, drag the link from the file manager window to the desktop. To save the current page to the desktop, back up one page and drag the link from the previous page to the desktop. If you don't have a link to drag (for example, you got to a site by typing it in instead of following a link), you can make an entry on the desktop by following these steps:

  1. Select Bookmarks, Add Bookmark to add the page to the bookmark list.

  2. Now select Bookmarks, Edit Bookmarks to show the Bookmarks folder.

  3. Drag the item from the Bookmarks folder to the desktop.

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