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Rebuilding the Package

With the ed sources installed on your system, you can proceed directly to building the binary package. First, cd to the packaging area at /usr/src/distribution, and then type the following:

rpm -ba SPECS/ed-0.2.spec

Watch as the various stages of the build take place. First, the files in ed-0.2.tar.gz are extracted into the BUILD directory. Then the ed program is compiled and installed in a temporary place on your system. Finally, a new ed-0.2-5.i386.rpm file is created from the installed files and placed in the RPMS/i386 directory, and a new ed-0.2-5.src.rpm is placed in the SRPM directory.

If your goal was simply to create an RPM compatible with your distribution, you should be done now. Simply install the package from the RPMS/i386 directory:

# rpm -i RPMS/i386/ed-0.2-5.rpm 
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