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Glossary of Business and Technical Terms

In the context of personal Web businesses, the following terms have the following meanings.



autonomous business model

In the context of Web businesses, a business model in which the customers are both the producers and consumers of content. An autonomous Web business operates with very little work on the part of its creator and usually makes money through advertising.

autonomous content

Content that your users add; also used to denote content that is generated automatically.

autonomous content mechanism

Interactive content that you add to your Web business so that your users can add their own content; for example, a message board forum.

business activity map

A map of how information and goods move between the agents—both people and technology—that participate in a business process.

business model

A well-thought-out plan for how your business intends to make enough money doing whatever it does; the high-level design of your business. A business model is to a business as a software design model (for example, object-oriented design) is to a computer program.


An information technology for efficiently storing, updating, and retrieving data stored in tables.


A unit of information in a record. For example, the typical employee record consists of a number of fields that include name, Social Security number, and address, to name just a few.

information activity map

An "information-only" business activity map.

personal Web business

A Web business that operates under the autonomous business model.


An adjective used sarcastically during conversation to describe something that your listener incorrectly believes is not real.


A row of information in a table. This row can have several columns or fields of information.


Structured Query Language—the language you and your programs use to communicate with a database.


A collection of records. A database typically has a number of tables.

Web business

A Web site that makes money.

Web site

A collection of Web pages.

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