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Question: How do I know if I need a more robust server than the Personal Web Server?

Answer: You can always use the most powerful server available, but if you are offering e-commerce services or creating a public Web site, or if security is an issue, you want an industrial-strength server, such as Internet Information Server.

Question: Can I run a Web site from a basic desktop computer?

Answer: Yes. Personal Web Server was introduced in Windows 95. All you need is Personal Web Server, an IP address, an Internet service provider, and a registered URL with InterNIC. Contact your ISP for any specific instructions or restrictions.

Question: Do I need to have a Windows NT Server to create an intranet?

Answer: No. PCs connected with network cards and CAT 5 cabling are capable of establishing a peer-to-peer network.

Question: Can I use data access pages in Access, too?

Answer: Certainly. Although forms may provide faster response times and more programming control, you can use data access pages in conjunction with or instead of forms.

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