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11 Terrific Online Video Sites That Aren't Netflix, Hulu, or iTunes

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Everyone knows the major names in streaming video: iTunes, Netflix, Amazon.com, Hulu, YouTube. Those services offer lots of great movies and TV shows from across genres and across the world. But they're not the only streaming video sites on the web. Actually, if you're looking for niche content (like anime, horror, cartoons, humor, educational programs, and more) they're not always your best option. Instead, you can seek out other sites that specialize in just the kind of material you're interested in. Read on to learn about 11 of these alternative streaming sites.
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When determining where we get our entertainment online, it's easy to rattle off the big names: iTunes, Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon.com. Even people who have never rented a single downloadable movie or streamed a TV show could probably come up with a few of those names—and with good reason: They're great options for finding a ton of good programming (and, unfortunately, a lot of junk, too). But they're far from your only options for streaming video, which is good if you're looking for niche or unusual content, or want your entertainment without paying. Read on for some suggestions of great alternative streaming video sites that offer up kids programs, educational shows, international movies, and TV, and lots of free entertainment.

Cartoon Network


Content: Cartoons for kids

Cost: Free with cable subscription; limited free content on the web

Platforms: Android, iPad/iPhone, and the web

The name completely describes what's in store for you here: cartoons. The Cartoon Network streams many of its shows to your computer or, with free downloadable apps, to Android devices and to the iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch. Your kids (or you!) can enjoy free, full episodes of Adventure Time, Batman, Ben 10, Dexter's Laboratory, Johnny Test, and many other Cartoon Network favorites. There's one catch: You need a current cable TV subscription. (If you don't have cable, there are some free videos available.) In a move that is increasingly common for TV networks making their shows available online, Cartoon Network requires that you log in with your cable account information to unlock its shows. After you do, though, you can enjoy all that it has to offer.

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