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Likes Create Evangelistic Customers

Happy customers, impassioned by positive discussions on your page, write spontaneous testimonials about your company. After becoming a fan, 56% say they’re more likely to recommend a brand to their friends.20 These happy, vocal customers turn fans who are potential customers into first-time buyers. And your most active fans will fight back against your critics, creating a fan page immune system that repels brand attacks.

Among decision-makers reluctant to use Facebook, one of the biggest fears is that public critiques will hurt the brand. But when you grow fans based on what they love and get them to engage daily with posts they like, the like effect creates a positivity that makes “Negative Nellies” feel outnumbered and abnormal. People are less likely to boo when they expect they’ll be shouted down. Granted, you don’t want people with valid complaints to be ignored, but you do want issues resolved civilly and without public relations fallout.

Think about it. When a customer presents a negative, what’s more persuasive: the company defending itself or another fan taking your side? If you respond diplomatically, apologize, and fix the problem, and your superfans speak out on your behalf, the complainant has nowhere to go. Potential crisis averted. And, perhaps, previous critic converted.

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