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Likes Prove People Are Paying Attention

We live in an attention economy. Your customer is barraged by hundreds of TV channels, websites, social media sites, smartphone apps, video games, and digital signs. So in the war for revenue, the first battle you must win is for your customers’ attention. Consumers see thousands of marketing messages a day.10 Getting their attention for even 30 seconds of that day is a victory. When you run a Facebook page and post into people’s news streams, every like and comment proves that they still see you and you’re still relevant to them. You’re still in the game to get more business from them.

Several studies have shown that although the last marketing channel before a sale might involve a Google search, often the first time someone hears about the company or product is via Facebook. Facebook marketing can increase the number of prospects going into the top of your sales funnel, which ultimately increases how many people buy at the bottom of the funnel. Most companies don’t use their analytics to look at all the marketing channels involved in a sale, so often Facebook gets less credit than it deserves, and Google gets more than it deserves.11 Adobe conducted a study that found that looking at sales where social media was the first “touch” increased its value by 94%. When looking only at the first marketing channel in the funnel, the average social media visitor was worth $1.13 in revenue, but when looking only at the last marketing channel, social media visitors were worth only $0.60 each.12

In addition, people interact more with their favorite brands on Facebook than on Twitter or LinkedIn. On Facebook, 34% of people interact with their favorite brands, versus 4% via Twitter and 1% via LinkedIn.13

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