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This chapter is from the book

Complete the job analysis worksheet.

Use your worksheet as a place to capture the job analysis work you’ve done so far. Describe job components, cultural attributes, education, and company factors, and use what you have recorded as a basis for writing a job description.

Once you have filled out the worksheet provided as a sample below, take a look at the case study example following it. The Walker Software Case Study appears in bits and pieces throughout the book and in Appendices A and B.

Worksheet 2-3: Job Analysis Worksheet (with Job Requisition Name).

Defining Questions

Needs & Observations

Who interacts with this person?

What roles does this person have in this job? What level is the company willing to pay for?

What's the management component?

What are the job's activities and deliverables? What periodic deliverables are required?

What are the essential qualities, preferences, and non-technical skills? Initiative? Flexibility? Communications skills? Ability to handle projects of varying scope? Ability to work on multiple projects at one time? Influence and negotiation skills? Goal-orientation? Technical leadership and problemsolving skills? Responsibility and independence? Passion for learning? Teamwork skills? Others?

What are the desirable qualities, preferences, and non-technical skills?

What are the essential technical skills? Technology/tool skills? Functional skills? Product-domain skills? Industry experience? Others?

What are the desirable technical skills?

What minimum level of education, training, or experience is required?

What are the corporate cultural-fit factors? What benefits should be offered? Company growth? Cash position? Industry leadership? Entrepreneurial environment? Benefits? Company size? Others?

What elimination factors should be considered? Travel? Availability? Salary? Others?

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