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How to Work Your Way Through This Book

Millions of people in the world today enjoy skiing. Almost all of them can ski in complete safety because the ski resorts mark their trails with symbols to indicate the degree of difficulty of the terrain. Thus, skiers can ski on trails most appropriate to their skiing ability. Alternatively, adventurous skiers can find more excitement by selecting more difficult trails. The trail guides used at ski resorts look something like this:

Figure 1.1.5

Figure 1.1.5: These ski trail symbols are used to advise skiers of the difficulty of alternative trails. The skier uses the trail guide to select the most suitable way down the mountain. You will use the same kind of trail guide as you work through the Project.

Ski trail guides work so well that we borrowed the idea. At the end of each chapter, you’ll find a Trail Guide that points you to various chapters. There are four different trails through this book. Select the one that suits both the way you want to work and your current level of experience. Read through these descriptions to find the right trail for you.

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