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But You Do Need ...

Lots of writing paper, pencils, and erasers (possibly more erasers than pencils) are definitely in order. A stack of index cards is useful for building your data dictionary. Some small Post-it brand notes are helpful for marking your place in each section. Analysts who are concerned about their ability to draw neat models can use a graphic designer’s template. However, don’t be overly worried about producing great art. Your main concern is with the idea of using models as a common language. Models help you to raise questions with the users, get answers to your questions (and probably raise more questions) to understand the system, and communicate that understanding to others.

Another important thing you’ll need is time in a quiet place where you can think. We also suggest something or someone to help you celebrate when you finish the Project. Systems analysis is enjoyable because you take control of your own work. In that sense, at least, we’re confident you’ll enjoy this book.

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