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Ski Patrol


As a skier, you can rely on the Ski Patrol to help you if you have a problem. For example, if you have a bad fall (is there such a thing as a good fall?), most ski areas have a Ski Patrol ready to pick you up within a few minutes and get you safely back on your trail. Similarly, if you have a (metaphorical, not physical) fall during the Project chapters, you can expect help from our Ski Patrol.

The Ski Patrol appears in the Project Reviews chapters in Section 3. Its purpose is to discuss problems that you may be having with the models. We have based these discussions on problems encountered over our many years in systems analysis. We cannot guarantee that we will always anticipate your precise problem, but we will come close. The Ski Patrol offers advice and suggests remedial actions aimed at overcoming any temporary difficulties you may be having. The Ski Patrol is marked by the plus.jpg symbol.

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