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Forward and Back

Similar corrections can be made using the Curves technique, and you can correct specific color casts as well—all in one shot. However, unless you are extremely confident about the view of your images onscreen or about your ability to use Color Samples, Curves may end up causing more trouble than it solves. As long as the device used to collect the image information (scanner, digital camera, and so on) is not defective or otherwise prone to collecting bad image information, Levels will accomplish most basic correction tasks. If you aren't clear about any of the techniques or ideas discussed here, you can find out more in Special Edition Using Adobe Photoshop 6, as follows:

    Evaluating Image Color: p. 409–444

    Tonal Correction: p. 445–464

    Color Correction: p. 465–484

    Calibrating your Monitor: p. 414–419

    Histogram Evaluations: p. 433–442

    Color Conversions: p. 485–511

    Applying Blend If: p. 514–517

    Using Image Histories: p. 251–262

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