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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

Using the Transform Panel

The easiest way to transform an object is to use the bounding box or the Free Transform tool. You can quickly drag to transform an object. However, if you want to transform an object to an exact size or dimension, you can do it with the Transform panel. With the Transform panel, you can specify exact values or percentage for X & Y coordinates, width & height, rotate angle, and shear angle as well as other options to align to the pixel grid, and scale strokes & effects.

Transform an Object with the Transform Panel

  • yellow-circle-1.jpg Select the Selection tool on the Tools panel.

  • yellow-circle-2.jpg Select one or more objects to transform.

  • yellow-circle-3.jpg Select the Transform panel.

  • yellow-circle-4.jpg Specify exact values or percentages for any of the following:

    • X & Y Coordinates. Enter X and Y values, which refer to the selected reference point; click a white square to change it.
    • Width (W) & Height (H). Enter width and height values. Use the Lock icon to constrain proportions.
    • Rotate Angle. Enter a rotate angle.
    • Shear Angle. Enter a shear angle.
    • Align to Pixel Grid. Select to pixel-align individual object to the pixel grid.
    • Scale Strokes & Effects. Select to scale strokes and effects along with objects.
    • Click the Options button to select additional options.
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