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Forward and Back

In Photoshop, morphing is where you really have to pull out all the stops. You have to use everything from the simplest tools to the most advanced bending filters and element-creation techniques to get some morphing and composites to gel. Don't be afraid to experiment.

The morphed element in this example was developed specifically to be part of a larger composite that was used in a book about digital photography. The rest of the image setting helps clarify the purpose behind the morphing, and helps create a more meaningful image (see Figure 8).

Figure 8

The morphed object ends up being somewhat symbolic of the merger of computers and traditional photography encompassed by digital photography. All images used were created by scanning objects.

If you aren't clear about any technique or idea discussed in this article, you can find out more by referring to Special Edition Using Adobe Photoshop 6, as follows:

    Creating Images in Layers: p. 53–78

    Selection and Masking: p. 93–158

    Freehand Painting Tools: p. 203–220

    Creating with Image Histories: p. 251–262

    Image Mode, File Format, and Resolution: p. 309–355

    Scanning to Create Images: p. 361–396

    Section 7: Cleaning, Repairing and Altering Images: p. 571–637

    Section 8: Enhancing Images: p. 639–720

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