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Booting Windows 2000 Safe Mode

In Windows 2000, a new possibility that enables the system to boot in Safe Mode is added. In this sort of boot, only the minimum number of device drivers is loaded. This is useful when one of the later-installed drivers prevents booting of the system.

To enter Safe Mode, press F8 when Windows 2000 starts to boot. There are four different Safe Mode variations:

  • Standard. This mode contains only the minimum number of drivers necessary for booting.

  • Networking-enabled. Unlike standard mode, this also contains the drivers that enable networking.

  • Safe Mode with command prompt. This is identical to standard mode, except that the installation program runs the command prompt application instead of Windows Explorer as the shell when the system is in the GUI-installation phase.

  • Directory services repair mode. This mode is valid for Windows 2000 Domain Controllers, and enables restoration of the Active Directory of a Domain Controller from backup media. In this mode, all the device drivers are loaded; you cannot use it if one of the drivers prevents booting of the system—it is only for directory services repair.

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