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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

Setting Corkboard Options on the Footer Bar

Aside from the Corkboard options on the View menu, which primarily control the index card elements, the Corkboard Options menu on the Footer bar controls the layout of the index cards and Corkboard. By fine-tuning the size and spacing of the index cards, you can customize this view to maximize the use of your screen real estate. The options on the Corkboard Options menu, shown in Figure 6.5, are as follows:


Figure 6.5The Corkboard Options menu controls the size and positioning of index cards on the Corkboard.

  • Card Size: Determines the size of index cards by using this slider and then letting the Corkboard determine how many cards fit across the window.

  • Ratio: Sets the ratio between the height and width of the cards. The default is 3×5, the ratio of a physical index card. On the Mac, cards displaying images are always 5×5.
  • Spacing: Adjusts the space between columns and rows of index cards. If space is at a premium, move this slider to the left to minimize the space between cards.
  • Cards Across: Determines the number of cards to place in each row on the Corkboard. Use Auto to allow the size of the cards to regulate this setting.
  • Keyword Chips: Sets the maximum number of keyword indicators to be displayed on index cards. If this number is lower than the number of keywords assigned to a card, the additional keywords are ignored.
  • Size to Fit Editor: Resizes cards to fit the current width of the Editor window if this check box is selected in conjunction with a fixed number set in the Cards Across option. If this option is deselected, you may need to scroll to see the contents of the Corkboard. If Cards Across is set to Auto, this option is disabled. If this option is selected, the Size slider is disabled.
  • Use Small Font: Instructs the index cards to make use of the Small Text setting in the Corkboard tab of the Preferences window. To access this setting in Windows, choose the Appearance tab of the Options window, then select Corkboard in the Fonts pane and choose Index Text Small.

You can immediately see how changes on this menu affect the Corkboard, so it is easy to fine-tune your settings. To close the menu on the Mac, click outside it. In Windows, click the X button at the top of the menu.

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