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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

Adding Index Card Options

In addition to the three core index card elements, there are four optional elements. As shown in Figure 6.4, they are as follows:


Figure 6.4 With additional options, a single index card can tell you a lot about the document at a glance.

  • Label indicator: Displays the color associated with the Label field in the Inspector. To add label indicators to your index cards, choose View, Corkboard Options, Show Pins from the menu or press Control-Cmd-P (F9 in Windows). If you add a label to the document, it can appear as either a colored chip or pushpin on the index card. To add or change a label on the index card, right-click on the card or cards, select Label from the context menu, and then choose from the submenu. You can also add or change the label in the Inspector, but only for one item at a time.

  • Status stamp: Displays the Status of the document as a watermark across the index card. Choose View, Corkboard Options, Show Stamps or press Control-Cmd-S (F10 in Windows) to enable this feature. Adjust the opacity of the stamp in the Corkboard tab of the Preferences/Options window.

  • Keyword indicators: Displays color swatches associated with keywords applied to the document. Keyword indicators are displayed by default on the Mac but need to be enabled in Windows. To disable or reenable keyword indicators, choose View, Corkboard Options, Show Keyword Colors or press Control-Cmd-K (Ctrl+F12 in Windows). Keyword indicators only appear if keywords have been assigned to the file. Assign keywords from the Inspector or directly on the Corkboard. To add a keyword, click the Keywords button on the toolbar to open the Keywords panel. Drag the desired keyword from the panel onto the index card. You can also select multiple index cards and then drag and drop one or more keywords onto the selection to assign them.

  • Card number (Mac only): Assigns numbers to each card based on their order in the container. If you move cards around in the Corkboard, they are renumbered to reflect the new order, and they are reordered in the Binder. To display card numbers, choose View, Corkboard Options, Show Card Numbers from the menu.

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