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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

Starting an Index

An index is a table of entries in alphabetical order that reference topics, names, and other information in a book. The entries usually provide the page on which a particular word or topic is located in the book. The index is typically located in the back of a book. In InDesign, you can create only one index for a document or book. The single index can be a simple or comprehensive one to the information in a document or book. To create an index, you create a topic list (optional), create index entries (assign index markers to topics), generate the index, and then flow the index into a story. You create, edit, and preview an index in the Index panel, which displays index information using the Reference and Topic modes. The Reference mode displays complete index entries, while the Topic mode displays only topic (no page references and cross-references—“See” or “See also”). Instead of typing each topic when you create an index entry, you can create or import a list of topics to save time and create consistency.

Create or Edit a List of Index Topics

  • yellow_1.jpg Open the document or book you want to index.
  • yellow_2.jpg Select the Index panel.

    • Click the Window menu, point to Type & Tables, and then click Pages.
  • yellow_3.jpg Click the Topic option.
  • yellow_4.jpg To view index entries from any open documents in a book, select the Book check box.
  • yellow_5.jpg Click the Create New Index Entry button to create a new topic or double-click a topic to edit it.
  • yellow_6.jpg Type the topic name in the first box under Topic Levels. To create subtopics, type a name in the boxes below. Each item is indented a level.

    • To change an existing topic, double-click it, and then make the changes you want.
  • yellow_7.jpg To change the order, click the Up Arrow and Down Arrow button.
  • yellow_8.jpg Click Add to apply it, and then click Done or OK.

Create an Index Entry Using Keyboard Shortcuts

  • yellow_1.jpg Open the document or book you want to index.
  • yellow_2.jpg Select the Type tool on the Tools panel.
  • yellow_3.jpg Select the word or words in the document you want to index.
  • yellow_4.jpg Use any of the following keyboard shortcuts:

    • Standard Words. Press Shift+Alt+Ctrl+[ (Win) or Shift+Option+Command+[ (Mac). A standard word consists of any word.
    • Proper Names. Press Shift+Alt+Ctrl+] (Win) or Shift+Option+Command+] (Mac). A proper name consists of a name, such as Gary O’Neal, which are indexed in reverse order. The name Gary O’Neal is indexed by O’Neal.

    The index entry is added to the index using default settings.

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