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About the Author

Tom Swan is an internationally published author of more than 30 books on computer programming in C++, Pascal, Delphi, and assembly language. Tom is a frequent contributor and former columnist for Dr. Dobb's Journal, PC World, and PC Techniques. He is an avid Linux enthusiast who supports free software distribution to the Linux community.

Open Source Informational Websites

  • Support Open Source Software. More good information and comments on Open Source software. (Check out the opening page graphics--dits and dahs whiz by in an animation of a cpu's inner thoughts. Cute.)

  • Open Source organization. Great informational resource of Open Source concepts, advice, and licenses. Includes case histories of Open Source success stories.

Open Source Project Websites

  • The GNU Project. Main Web site for GNU software.

  • Object Central. Bruce E. Wampler's V class library (and more) for Linux and Windows.

  • Open Source Writers Group. A network of volunteers that promises to connect writers and Open Source projects.

  • SGI Open Source Repository. Various ongoing Open Source projects, Linux kernel patches, XFS: a 64-bit scalable journaling file system, and other free SGI software by SGI employees.

  • Open Source WAP Gateway. Project devoted to Wireless Application Protocol for providing software and services to mobile users.

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