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  1. Ariba, CommerceOne, and the Future of E-Procurement with ASPs
  2. E-Commerce Meets E-Procurement: What the Future Holds
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E-Commerce Meets E-Procurement: What the Future Holds

ASPs who have the ability to deliver a unified platform that includes both e-commerce and e-procurement applications are ahead of an emerging trend that's going to sweep the mid-market and Global 2500 focus going into 2002. Continue watching both CommerceOne and Ariba for their continued efforts to deliver functionality over and above the punch-in/punch-out and roundtrip technologies each has today. Look for an increasing focus on developing interactive technologies that bridge the gap between sell-side and e-procurement vendors. The key message for anyone managing an ASP relationship today is to look at the direction of Ariba and CommerceOne into the ASP industry. Their influence on the applications ASPs are offering today may not be readily apparent, yet it's going to be increasingly clear that the impact of e-procurement vendors on sell-side e-commerce Web sites is on its way.

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