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Glossary of Business and Technical Terms

In the context of personal Web businesses, the following terms have the following meanings.



autonomous business model

In the context of Web businesses, a business model in which the customers are both the producers and consumers of content. An autonomous Web business operates with very little work on the part of its creator and usually makes money through advertising.

business activity map

A map of how information and goods move between the agents—both people and technology—that participate in a business process.

business model

A well-thought-out plan for how your business intends to make enough money doing whatever it does; the high level design of your business. A business model is to a business as a software design model (for example, object-oriented design) is to a computer program.

domain name

The name of your Web site minus the www prefix. For example, the domain name for the Web site whose address is http://www.girlswithknives.com is simply girlswithknives.com.

Domain Name Service (DNS)

A program running on a computer (DNS server) that translates user-friendly Web addresses (URLs) into computer-friendly Web addresses (IP addresses).

DNS server

A computer that translates a fully qualified domain name (FQDN) into an IP address.

fully qualified domain name (FQDN)

Your Web site's address, which includes all prefixes before the domain name, for example, www.girlswithknives.com.

information activity map

An "information-only" business activity map.

Internet service provider (ISP)

A company that provides Internet services such as dial-up Internet access or Web site hosting.


See Internet service provider.

IP address

Short for Internet protocol address. The numeric address of a Web site. Four numbers in the range 0–255, separated by periods. For example, the IP address of www.Webbusinessengineering.com is

personal Web business

A Web business that operates under the autonomous business model.


Usually a synonym for a computer hooked up to a network, such as the Internet, which simultaneously runs a number of services. For example, a single computer could act as a Web server, a mailing server, and a file transfer server.

Terms of Service

A document that outlines (among other items) the services that a site provides, what you have to do to get those services, and any restrictions on your use of those services.

Uniform Resource Locator (URL)

A protocol (for example, http://) followed by a fully qualified domain name (such as www.girlswithknives.com), followed by an optional file path, (such as /index.html). A complete example would be something like this: http://www.girls.knives.com/index.html.


See Uniform Resource Locator.

Web address

See fully qualified domain name (FQDN).

Web business

A Web site that makes money.

Web entrepreneur

A person who builds Web businesses.

Web server

The computer that holds the files for your Web business.

Web surfer

Someone who uses the Web for informational purposes or online purchases.

Web site

A collection of Web pages.

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