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Now to Take Over the World

Once you've completed a successful pilot and taken the time to analyze the success factors, eliminated detractors, and gained unanimous acceptance of your implementation plan, it's finally time to move forward. You can deploy your Windows 2000 architecture across your enterprise, and then bask in the glory of your achievement.

Don't forget that once the deployment is complete, you need to reward all the people who helped the project along the way. Some were involved in the project from start to finish, others had smaller roles as the project developed, but everyone should be recognized for their contribution to its success. Have a party, and make sure everyone is invited. Give everyone involved with the project a special project T-shirt. Make up plaques or certificates honoring the contributions of all those involved. Make sure that everyone else in the organization knows whom to thank for the completion of the project.

When you take the time to reward your staff in this way, you'll help to motivate them to support the new system, and to be there for you next time you need to implement a project of comparable scope.

That's right—eventually there is going to be a NEXT TIME!!!

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