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Creating Target Lights

Creating a target spotlight or target directional light is a lot like creating a target camera. The first click places the light source, and dragging, then releasing, positions the target.

To create a target spotlight or target directional light:

  1. Open a scene file.

  2. Zoom out of the Front viewport.

  3. Click Target Spot on the Lights & Cameras Toolbar.


    Click Target Directional Light on the Lights & Cameras Toolbar.

  4. Click and hold in the Front viewport to place the light.

  5. Drag the cursor toward the objects you want to illuminate.

  6. Release the mouse to set the target.

    The target and light appear. Default lights are overridden (Figure 9).

    Figure 9  Adding a target spotlight in the Front viewport.

  7. Move the light into the desired position.

  8. Render the scene (Figure 10).

    Figure 10  The spotlight cone indicates the area illuminated by the light.

    The spotlight illuminates the area encompassed by the cone. It is brightest at the center and fades to black at the edge.


    To place a light so that it highlights an object from a particular view, select the light and then choose Place Highlight from the Align flyout. Then click the part of the object you want to highlight. The light will move into position to create the highlight (Figure 11).

    Figure 11  Place Highlight gives you precise control over highlight positioning.

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