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Creating Omni Lights

Omni lights shine equally in all directions. The default lights in MAX are omni lights. If you want, you can add omni lights to the scene.

To create an omni light:

  1. Open a scene file.

  2. Click Omni Light on the Lights & Cameras Toolbar.

  3. Place the light by clicking in a viewport.

    The omni light appears where you click (Figure 5). If it is the first light you add to the scene, it replaces the default lighting.

    Figure 5  Placing an omni light in the Front viewport.

  4. Move the light to better position it.

  5. To check the effect of the light more accurately, render the scene (Figure 6).

    Figure 6  Rendering the scene gives a more accurate picture of the effectiveness of your lighting scheme.

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