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Windows 2000 Deployment Guide Part 27: A Little Help From Your Friends

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  1. Windows 2000 Deployment Guide Part 27: A Little Help from Your Friends
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Author Dale Holmes delves into the nebulous world of outsourcing services in this installment of his Windows 2000 deployment guide.

Dale is the author of MCSE Training Guide (70-221): Designing a Windows 2000 Network Infrastructure (2000, New Riders).

Outsourcing Your Windows 2000 Installation

Microsoft provides excellent documentation for their operating systems software on their Web site. In other cases, their own publishing group, Microsoft Press, offers it for sale. Third parties publish myriad works on Microsoft titles, and the technical press prints article after article on Microsoft products. When the time comes to select and implement Microsoft products, including Windows 2000, the technical professional has many references at his or her disposal to provide any guidance required to be successful. But what if you're not a technical professional?

In many cases, the person in charge of deploying a Microsoft product in an enterprise is working for a company whose focus is not technology itself, but rather using technology to support some other mission. Even companies that are not technology focused and that have a dedicated IT staff often find themselves overworked managing their day to day operations and unable to take on such a large and daunting project as an enterprise-wide operating system deployment.

In these cases, it may be advantageous for a company to consider outsourcing its Windows 2000 deployment. If you're considering outsourcing Windows 2000 deployment for your organization, there are a number of objectives you'll need to accomplish.

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