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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

Creating a Custom Database Template

When you start Access or open a database, you can create a database from an existing template from the Start or New screen. However, if you need a custom template, you can create your own. You can save an entire database as a template, save part of a database as an application part, or save a field or set of fields as a data type template. A database template (.accdt) is a file you can use the create a new database. An application part template (.accdt) are like database templates, however, you can also use them to add elements to an existing database. A data type template (.accft) is a file you can use to create new fields and field combinations. After you create a template file, you can share it with others. When you save a template in the default Access template folder, the database template becomes available on the Start or New screen under the Personal tab (New!), and the application part becomes available on the Applications Parts button on the Create tab.

Create a Custom Database Template or Application Part

  • yellow_1.jpg Open the database that you want to create a custom database template or application part.
  • yellow_2.jpg Click the File tab and then click Save As.
  • yellow_3.jpg Click Save Database As.
  • yellow_4.jpg Click Template (.accdt).
  • yellow_5.jpg Click Save As.
  • yellow_6.jpg Specify the following in the Create New Template from This Database dialog box:

    • Name. Enter a name for the template file. The template file is saved as name.accdt.
    • Description. Enter text as a description, which appears in the tooltip.
    • Category. Select User Templates to have it appear under Application Parts.
    • Icon. Select an icon (64 x 32 pixels) to display for the template or application part. Click Browse to select it.
    • Preview. Select a larger image to display for the template in the Start and New screen or Backstage view. Click Browse to select it.
    • Primary Table. Select a table for use as the primary table for the application part. This table relates the application part to other tables in a database.

    • Instantiation Form. Select a form that opens by default when the template database opens.
    • Application Part. Select to save the database as an application part; clear to save the database as a database template.
    • Include Data in Template. Select to save the data in the database as part of the template.
  • yellow_7.jpg Click OK.

    The template file is saved in the default Access templates folder.

    • Default templates folder. C:\Users\user name\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Templates\Access.
  • yellow_8.jpg Click OK.
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