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Some Hardware Gateways for Small Networks

Netopia's hardware Internet gateways offer a feature called multilink PPP (Point-to-Point Protocol), which lets you combine two 56K modems (each on a separate phone line) for a single Internet connection at 112 Kbps.

The WebRamp line of gateways is diverse: Some have serial ports for external modems or ISDN modems, and others have built-in modems or ISDN modems.

Intel's InBusiness Internet Station lets you add a fax modem that can be shared by all the computers on your network.
www.intel.com/network/products/ inbusiness_internet.htm

Some Software Gateways for Small Networks

WinGate from Deerfield.Com runs on Windows 95, Windows 98, or Windows NT. Its main feature is a proxy server that provides Web, FTP, and email access for all computers on your network. It also includes an integrated DHCP server that automatically assigns IP addresses to your computers.

Both Vicomsoft Internet Gateway and Vicomsoft SoftRouter Plus are available for Windows and Macintosh computers. Both use the NAT process to share an Internet connection. Both products contain a lot of features and are easy to set up. The Vicomsoft Internet Gateway costs more than the Vicomsoft SoftRouter Plus because it comes with a year's subscription to the CyberNOT service, which you can use to block Web pages whose content you deem objectionable.

WinProxy from Ositis Software runs on Windows computers and allows connection to America Online through the proxy server.

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