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What Kinds Of Reviews Do Bloggers Write?

Bloggers don’t usually write just one type of review. There are several ways that we can approach information about products that are pitched to us. We use these different styles to create a variety of write-ups on our site. Depending on your product and what we consider to be its newsworthiness, it may receive one or more of these posts.

First Look

The simplest write-up is what we call a first look. A first-look review is generally written when we get an app or accessory that is “hot” and we want to give readers some information about it as soon as possible. This type of review covers the bare essentials that a reader needs to know: what the product does, how much it costs, any special features (like accessories or in-app purchase, different levels for a game, etc.), what it compares to, and what the developer is well-known for (if he’s written a number of apps or shipped other hardware). First-look reviews often get a follow-up in-depth review, especially if we want to keep up with the news cycle before we have a chance to sit down and look at the product in more detail.


The next level of depth is an overview. This may be a product that isn’t getting a lot of press, but is something that we’re interested in. Overview reviews give a reader an idea of what the product does, what the cost is, and how it compares feature-wise with other apps or hardware, but then goes into more depth of what the product actually does and how it works.

Hands On

The hands-on review is usually written after a blogger has had a chance to work with a product for a while. In this type of review, a blogger often talks about using the product to address a particular use case. It may not necessarily go into a lot of detail about competing products, but it’s a good way for readers to get an idea of exactly what an app or hardware can or cannot do. We often contact the developer during a hands-on review so we can better understand the product as we test it.

In Depth

The in-depth review is where the reviewer describes every last little detail of the product, discusses the developer’s experience and compares it with similar products, takes a huge number of photos or screenshots to demonstrate unique or different features of the product or user interface, and even offers suggestions on how the product can be improved. In-depth reviews take the most time, which is why they’re also the least likely type of review you’ll receive.

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