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Increase in Natural Disasters

Figure 3

Figure 3. Natural disasters reported globally since 1940 have increased.xi

Additionally, IPCC scientists agree that the health of millions of people is now at risk more than ever because of:

  • More frequent and intense heat waves, floods, storms, fires, and droughts causing injury, disease, and death
  • A decline in available potable water—and a simultaneous increase in world population
  • An increase and spread of disease into previously uninfected geographies and countriesXii
  • The Centre for Research on the Epidemiology of Disasters (CRED) has identified several ways in which weather climate disasters have begun to worsen, including:
  • Rainfall intensity;
  • Storm intensity, especially hail, tornadoes and wildfire;
  • Flood and drought;
  • Effects of El Niño; and
  • Loss of life and livelihood.Xiii
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