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Do I Need to Run the Citrix XML Service?

During the installation of SP2, you will be prompted to choose whether to enable and configure the new Citrix XML Service (see Figure 2).

Figure 2

The Citrix XML Service configuration prompt.

As the dialog box states, you will want to enable this service under either of the following two conditions:

  1. You will be implementing the 6.0 ICA client and will want to use the TCP-HTTP server location option as shown in Figure 3. This feature allows an ICA client to browse for available Citrix servers, published applications, or server farms using directed TCP requests to the XML service instead of the traditional means of UDP broadcasts. This is particularly useful if the MetaFrame servers are located behind a firewall or a router that does not permit UDP broadcasts.

  2. Figure 3

    The TCP-HTTP server location property for an ICA connection.

  3. You are implementing NFuse 1.5, and it has been configured to contact this specific MetaFrame server to acquire server farm and application set information. If you are enabling the use of session tickets during the launching of published applications instead of embedding the passwords within the .ICA file, then the XML service will need to be enabled on all MetaFrame servers within the farm. In the upcoming article entitled "Web-Enabling Applications with Citrix NFuse 1.5: Part 3," I will look at these options in more detail.

If you are simply looking to utilize the fixes available in Service Pack 2 and will not implement either of these options, then you can simply disable the XML Service. It will not affect the normal operation of a MetaFrame server.

If you decide later that you would like to enable this service, you can simply start it from the Services folder (Control Panel in Windows NT 4 or the Computer Management snap-in for Windows 2000). The following sequence of simple commands can be run from a command prompt to change the listening port for the XML service after it has been installed:

net stop “Citrix XML Service”
ctxxmlss /u
ctxxmlss /rnn
net start “Citrix XML Service”

The characters nn should be replaced with the desired port number. For example, /r65 would change the listening port to 65.

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