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RosettaNet Implementation Framework

The RosettaNet Implementation Framework (RNIF) provides the underlying service protocol for implementing RosettaNet. The defined protocol allows networked applications to participate in RosettaNet and guarantees interoperability between RosettaNet implementations. The most important protocols established by the RNIF include these:

  • Message structure—The machine-readable message format for the transmitted RosettaNet message.

  • Transport—The transmission protocol for how messages will be sent between RosettaNet partners. The defined protocol is HTTP.

  • Transfer—The way in which the interactions of exchange will take place. It could be transferred directly server-to-server or indirectly via a Web browser interface.

  • Authentication—The mechanism by which the identity of the sender and receiver of a communication exchange is reliably established. RosettaNet accomplishes this by means of SSL V.3 and digital certificates.

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