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Standardizing B2B Processes with RosettaNet

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As we discussed in the previous article, the emphasis for B2Bi will evolve from merely the open exchange of XML documents to managed B2B processes. This paves the way for numerous open standards that define a standard for the B2B process in a given field. As an example, let's take a brief look at RosettaNet, one of the leading B2B exchange standards today.
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The RosettaNet Initiative

Formed in 1998, RosettaNet is an independent consortium with a distinct charter to build a set of B2B interfaces for the information technology and electronics component industry. It spells out the processes necessary for partners in this industry (suppliers, distributors, resellers, manufacturers, and system integrators) to conduct supply chain management. By leveraging XML as a basis for document exchange and defining the processes for B2B interactions, open-standards supply chain management can be realized.

RosettaNet has significant momentum and broad industry support. Among their partners are Cisco, Compaq, Dell, Hewlett Packard, Intel, Siemens AG, and Sun Microsystems. More information about RosettaNet can be obtained from the Web site www.rosettanet.org/.

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