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My Journal

This 99-cent app offers a free-form palette for creating journal entries, which get stored automatically by the date and time they’re created. In addition to using text within entries, it’s easy to add photos and video clips that are shot using the iPhone or iPad’s built-in camera, or that are being stored within your mobile device (within the Photos app).

What’s nice about this app is that you can jump around between date entries using an interface that’s very similar to the iPhone or iPad’s Calendar app. It’s also possible to tag entries or content, and associate keywords to specific content, so you can locate information about a specific topic or event easily, anytime you want to go back to read your diary.

The built-in Search feature allows you to quickly refer back to your diary entries and find content based on keywords, tags, or a specific date, for example. My Journal also offers an optional Share feature that allows you to share specific entries with others via email, Facebook, or Twitter. However, you can also export entire pages from your diary as PDF files, so they can be transferred, viewed, and/or printed using any other computer or mobile device.

The Share feature can be deactivated to prevent content included within your diary from being shared with others. Like all of the diary apps, My Journal offers a password-protection feature that you can manually turn on or off. Some features built into the app allow you to customize the diary’s on-screen appearance. You can select from a handful of different fonts, virtual paper colors and styles, and virtual diary covers. My Journal includes a backup option that works with the Dropbox online file-sharing service.

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