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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

Filling Out a Form

You will probably want to test your forms as you build them to make sure they are user friendly. Filling out a form is a little different depending on the field type, so the following sections look at the processes separately.

Filling Out a Form with Content Controls

To enter text in a content control, click inside the content control and then type the entry for it.

If the form is protected, the insertion point flashes at the beginning of the document, and clicking anywhere in a protected region fails to move the insertion point; it jumps back to the beginning. The only areas you can successfully move the insertion point into are the content controls. With content controls, however, it is not mandatory that the document be protected to test a field. If the document is not protected, you can click anywhere and edit anything, not just the field entries. That’s by design; it allows you to put content controls into any document.

Depending on the options set up for the content control, the content control might go away after you enter something into it, or it might become locked against further editing after the initial entry. If either of those conditions is unsatisfactory, you can turn off their options in the content control’s Properties.

Filling Out a Legacy Form

A legacy form doesn’t work properly unless it’s protected. When unprotected, the form treats the fields as foreign objects, and you can’t enter anything into them.

On a protected form, you can click in a field and then type the text into it, or you can press Tab to move from field to field.

If help has been set up for a field, you can press the F1 key to see the help information when the insertion point is within that field. (Pressing F1 any other time opens the general Word 2013 help window, not the specific help for that field.)

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