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How to Find the Right Power Verb

Soft skills are listed in Chapter 3: the critical employability skills, behaviors, and personality traits that employers are looking for in job seekers.

Hard skills are listed in Chapter 4: those personal skills and experiences that employers say are of equal importance to employability skills.

Experience, credentials, and education are listed in Chapter 5: achievements and accomplishments likely to be of importance to employers.

Many power verbs can be used in multiple categories. When a power verb can be employed in a crossover category, this is shown next to the power verb.

Every employer looks for a specific set of skills from job seekers that match the skills necessary to perform a particular job. But beyond these job-specific technical skills, certain skills are nearly universally sought by employers. The good news is that most job seekers possess these skills to some extent. The better news is that job seekers who have weaknesses in these areas can improve their skills through training, professional development, or obtaining coaching/mentoring from someone who understands these skills.

The best news is that once you understand the skills and characteristics that most employers seek, you can tailor your job-search communication—your résumé, cover letter, and interview language—to showcase how well your background aligns with common employer requirements.

Numerous studies have identified these critical employability skills, sometimes referred to as “soft skills.” We’ve distilled the skills from these many studies into this list of skills most frequently mentioned. Look for ways to include, inject, weave, identify, and show examples of these characteristics in your résumé, cover letters, and answers to interview questions.

Now, go search for the power verbs that will pump up your job searching and networking!

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