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2.12. Class Libraries

The Java Virtual Machine must provide sufficient support for the implementation of the class libraries of the Java SE platform. Some of the classes in these libraries cannot be implemented without the cooperation of the Java Virtual Machine.

Classes that might require special support from the Java Virtual Machine include those that support:

  • Reflection, such as the classes in the package java.lang.reflect and the class Class.
  • Loading and creation of a class or interface. The most obvious example is the class ClassLoader.
  • Linking and initialization of a class or interface. The example classes cited above fall into this category as well.
  • Security, such as the classes in the package java.security and other classes such as SecurityManager.
  • Multithreading, such as the class Thread.
  • Weak references, such as the classes in the package java.lang.ref.

The list above is meant to be illustrative rather than comprehensive. An exhaustive list of these classes or of the functionality they provide is beyond the scope of this specification. See the specifications of the Java SE platform class libraries for details.

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