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Before a technician disassembles a computer, several steps should be performed or considered. The following disassembly tips are helpful:

  • Do not remove the motherboard battery, or the configuration information in CMOS will be lost.
  • Use proper grounding procedures to prevent ESD damage.
  • Keep paper, a pen, a phone, and a digital camera nearby for note taking, diagramming, and photo taking. Even if you have taken apart computers for years, you might find something unique or different inside this one.
  • Have ample flat and clean workspace.
  • When removing adapters, do not stack the adapters on top of one another.
  • If possible, place removed adapters inside a special ESD protective bag.
  • Handle each adapter, motherboard, or processor on the side edges. Avoid touching the gold contacts on the bottom of adapters. Sweat, oil, and dirt cause problems.
  • Remember that hard drives require careful handling. A very small jolt can cause damage to stored data.
  • You can remove a power supply, but do not disassemble a CRT-style monitor or power supply without proper training and tools.
  • Document screw and cable locations. Label them if possible.
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