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Internet Discovery

Objective: To obtain specific information on the Internet regarding a computer or its associated parts

Parts: Computer with Internet access

Procedure: Complete the following procedure and answer the accompanying questions.

  1. Locate an Internet site that provides tips for doing computer preventive maintenance.

    Write 10 of the tips and the URL where you found the information.

  2. Locate an Internet site to buy a computer tool kit that contains non-magnetic screwdrivers.

    List the URL where you found the tool kit and at least three sizes of screwdrivers or bits provided.

  3. Locate a surge protector for the whole house. Determine if it replaces the need for individual surge protectors.

    Write the name and part number as well as your findings.

  4. A customer owns a Belkin 12-outlet surge protector with phone/Ethernet/coaxial protection and an extended cord.

    What is the warranty amount for this surge protector and at what URL did you find this information?

  5. A customer has a Rosewill CAPSTONE-450 power supply.

    What is the power supply’s maximum power output (in watts) and how many amps are provided for +3.3V, +5V, and +12V (combined amount for +12V)? Write the URL where you found this information as well.

  6. A customer has an Enermax Liberty ELT500AWT power supply.

    Does this power supply comply with the ATXV12 version 2.2 or higher specification?

    How many PCIe connectors are provided?

    Does the power supply have any SATA power connectors? If so, how many?

    At what website did you find this information?

  7. A customer owns a Toshiba Satellite R845-ST6N02 laptop.

    What type of battery provides power for the longest amount of time for this model? Write the URL where you found this information.

  8. Your company has a Tripp Lite Smart 700 UPS.

    What are the part number and cost for a replacement battery? At what website did you find this information?

  9. Locate an A-B-C fire extinguisher.

    Give the model, cost, and URL where you found this information.

Soft Skills

Objective: To enhance and fine-tune a future technician’s ability to listen, communicate in both written and oral form, and support people who use computers in a professional manner


  1. Using the information gathered in Critical Thinking Skills Activity 1 or researching an appropriate replacement power supply for any computer, prepare a business proposal for the power supply as if you were offering it to a customer. Present your proposal to the class.
  2. Work in teams to decide the best way to inform a customer about the differences between a line conditioner and a UPS. Present your description to the class as if you were talking to the customer. Each team member must contribute. Each classmate votes for the best team explanation.

Critical Thinking Skills

Objective: To analyze and evaluate information as well as apply learned information to new or different situations


  1. Locate a computer on the Internet that lists each device that is installed and the type of motherboard, integrated ports, and so on. Then locate a power supply calculator. Find a replacement power supply, based on the calculations performed. Write the details of what you looked for in the replacement power supply, the power supply, vendor, number and type of connectors, and cost.
  2. For one of the computers in the classroom, locate an appropriate UPS that can provide power for 10 minutes. Write the details of your findings in a report.
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