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Mobile Device Travel and Storage

When traveling with a laptop, remove all cards that insert into slots and store them in containers so that their contacts do not become dirty and cause intermittent problems. Remove all media discs such as CDs, DVDs, or BDs. Check that drive doors and devices are securely latched. Ensure that the mobile device is powered off or in hibernate mode (not in sleep/suspend or standby power mode, which is covered later in this chapter).

Carry the device in a padded case. If you have to place the device on an airport security conveyor belt, ensure that the device is not placed upside down, which could cause damage to the display. Never place objects on top of a mobile device or pick up a laptop by the edges of the display when the laptop is opened. When shipping a mobile device, place it in a properly padded box. The original shipping box is a safe container.

The United States has regulations about lithium batteries on airplanes. If battery contacts come in contact with metal or other batteries, the battery could short-circuit and cause a fire. For this reason, any lithium batteries are to be kept in original packaging. If original packaging is not available, place electrical tape over the battery terminals or place each battery in an individual bag. Spare lithium batteries are not allowed in checked baggage but can be taken in carry-on bags.

Like other electronic devices, laptops have heating issues. The following can help with laptop overheating:

  • Locate air vents and keep them unblocked and clean. Do not place a laptop on your lap to work.
  • In the BIOS settings, check the temperature settings for when fans turn on.
  • Check the laptop manufacturer website or documentation for any fan/temperature monitoring gauges.
  • Place a laptop on something that elevates it from the desk, such as drink coasters. In addition, pads, trays, and mats can be purchased with fans that are AC powered or USB powered.
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