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Reassembling a computer is easy if the technician is careful and properly diagrams the disassembly. Simple tasks such as inserting the optical drive in the correct drive bay become confusing after many parts have been removed. Writing down reminders takes less time than having to troubleshoot the computer because of poor reassembly. Reinsert all components into their proper place; be careful to replace all screws and parts. Install missing slot covers, if possible.

Three major reassembly components are motherboards, cables, and connectors. When reinstalling a motherboard, reverse the procedure used during disassembly. Ensure that the motherboard is securely seated into the case and that all retaining clips and/or screws are replaced. This procedure requires practice, but eventually a technician will be able to tell when a motherboard is seated into the case properly. Visual inspection can also help. Ensure that the ports extend fully from the case through the I/O shield. As a final step, ensure that the drives and cover are aligned properly when the case is reinstalled.

Cables and connectors are the most common source of reassembly problems once the motherboard is installed. Ensure that cables are fully attached to devices and the motherboard. Ensure that power cables are securely attached. Matching pin 1 on the cable to pin 1 on the motherboard connector is critical for older ribbon cables. Attaching the correct device to the correct cable can be difficult if proper notes were not taken.

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