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Complete CompTIA A+ Guide to PCs: Disassembly and Power

In preparation for the CompTIA A+ exam, this chapter covers many important details regarding the safe assembly and disassembly of your PC, voltage and power checks, working with and replacing the power supply, and power-saving tips.

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Disassembly Overview

It is seldom necessary to completely disassemble a computer. However, when a technician is first learning about PCs, disassembly can be both informative and fun. Technicians might disassemble parts of a computer to perform preventive cleaning or to troubleshoot a problem. It may also be appropriate to disassemble a computer when it has a problem of undetermined cause. Sometimes, the only way to diagnose a problem is to disassemble the computer outside the case or remove components one by one. Disassembling a computer outside the case may help with grounding problems. A grounding problem occurs when the motherboard or adapter is not properly installed and a trace (a metal line on the motherboard or adapter) touches the computer frame, causing the adapter and possibly other components to stop working. Don’t forget to remove jewelry and use proper lifting techniques, as described in Figure 1.1 (see Chapter 1) before disassembling a computer.

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