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  1. What method must be implemented in an onKeyListener?
  2. What interface includes the onConnected method?
  3. What does fling mean when using the Anymote protocol?
  4. How does the remote app start an Activity on the TV?


  1. The onKey method must be implemented. That method accepts the keyCode and KeyEvent, so entered keystrokes can be detected.
  2. ClientListeners must implement three methods, including onConnected. The others are onDisconnected and onConnectionFailed.
  3. Fling refers to sending an Intent from the remote to the TV. The app can fling a URL to be displayed on the Chrome browser. The Intent is to view the URL.
  4. The remote app starts an Activity on the TV by creating an Intent on the remote that refers to the Activity on the TV. The remote app then flings that Intent to the TV using the sendIntent method. For example:
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