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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

Adding a Quick Style to a Picture

Instead of changing individual attributes of a picture—such as shape, border, and effects—you can quickly add them all at once with the Picture Quick Style gallery. The Picture Quick Style gallery provides a variety of different formatting combinations to create a professional look. To quickly see if you like a Picture Quick Style, point to a thumbnail in the gallery to display a live preview of it in the selected shape. If you like it, you can apply it.

Add a Quick Style to a Picture

  • yellow-circle-01.jpg Click the picture you want to change.
  • yellow-circle-02.jpg Click the Format tab under Picture Tools.
  • yellow-circle-03.jpg Click the scroll up or down arrow, or click the More list arrow in the Picture Styles group to see additional styles.

    • The current style appears highlighted in the gallery.
  • yellow-circle-04.jpg Point to a style.

    • A live preview of the style appears in the current shape.
  • yellow-circle-05.jpg Click the style you want from the gallery to apply it to the selected picture.
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