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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

Modifying WordArt Text Position

You can apply a number of text effects to your WordArt objects that determine alignment and direction. The effects of some of the adjustments you make are more pronounced for certain WordArt styles than others. Some of these effects make the text unreadable for certain styles, so apply these effects carefully. You can apply effects to a shape by using the Format Shape pane (New!) for custom results. You can also use the free rotate handle (green circle) at the top of the selected text box to rotate your WordArt text.

Change WordArt Text Direction

  • yellow-circle-01.jpg Right-click the WordArt object you want to change, and then click Format Shape or Format Object.
  • yellow-circle-02.jpg Click Text Options in the Format Shape pane (New!).
  • yellow-circle-03.jpg Click Text Box (New!).
  • yellow-circle-04.jpg Click the Vertical alignment or Horizontal alignment list arrow, and then select an option: Top, Middle, Bottom, Top Center, Middle Center, or Bottom Center.
  • yellow-circle-05.jpg Click the Text Direction list arrow, and then select an option: Horizontal, Rotate all text 90°, Rotate all text 270°, or Stacked.
  • yellow-circle-06.jpg Click the Close button in the pane.

Rotate WordArt Text

  • yellow-circle-01.jpg Click the WordArt object you want to change.
  • yellow-circle-02.jpg Position the pointer (which changes to the Free Rotate pointer) over the circle arrow rotate lever at the top of the object, and then drag to rotate it.
  • yellow-circle-03.jpg When you’re done, release the mouse button.
  • yellow-circle-04.jpg Click outside the object to deselect it.
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